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How Living Alone and Being Single Build Emotional Health

Life, Health, Career Coaching

Evelyn Ryan, Yourlifelifter

“Living alone kicks us into self-benefitting actions that build the personal stamina and skills, knowledge, and abilities that allow us to become self-sufficient and self-assured, self-reliant on ourselves to bring us joy, optimal health, and the relationships that nurture our soul. Living alone allows us to have ‘skin in the game’ of our lives and to develop character through our successes we create and our mistakes that we correct. It frees us to heal and upshift our thinking so our beliefs that we are worthy of joy drive our choices not our avoidance of pain!”

Learning to enjoy living alone and being single is one of the most effective ways to build and sustain your emotional health.

Learning to do so is tough. However, you are well worth the effort and here’s why.

Most of us were raised in unhealthy environments that lead to our emotional unhealthiness, neuroses, and low self-worth. We have not developed our abilities to…

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