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Welcome to Take Your Power Back with host Evelyn M. Ryan – an author, a speaker, a researcher who has survived decades of abuse all the way back to her early childhood. She is a consultant in the nuclear power industry that also works as a life coach and healer at YOURLIFELIFTER.COM. Join Evelyn as she explores tapping into your inner strength. It’s there even you’ve temporarily handed it to other people. Evelyn and her amazing guests get to the root causes of your unhealed pain. You will be inspired to harness the truth you were born with and TAKE YOUR POWER BACK! Pulling from the foundation of her ancestors in Greece, Evelyn is here to help you find your truth, your ALETHIA. – “Opa!”

Here is a sample of our raw, honest, power packed healing episodes:

  • The Toxic Tango of Empaths and Narcissists. Our Most popular!!!
  • Signs You’re Dealing with a “Narcissist” Posing as a Healer.
  • What Does Loving Yourself Mean?
  • Power Imbalance in Abusive Relationships.
  • How We Give Up our Power in Abusive Relationships?
  • Stages in Healing After Narcissistic Abuse.
  • What Do Boundaries Mean? Why Do We Need Them?
  • Navigating Women’s Issues in 2018
  • Sexism and Power Dynamics

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Our mission is to facilitate healing by empowering abuse survivors to tap into their own healing power, take down the barriers to healing, and replace pain-based thinking with truth-based thinking.

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