I can not thank you enough for your encouraging words. I’ve been in a relationship with a narcissist for almost two years and find it so difficult to let go even knowing who those types of people really are. Your posts are always so helpful. Thanks you for the support you give off your page. ~A.P.


Thank you for your words of advice, as I am also going through the process of divorce with a narcissist, actually, I had the first court date with him last Friday… he didn’t show, it was frowned upon by the judge, (my narc reckons he is above the law) your tips on handling him in the future will certainly help me, as I am also in no contact. (he ignores our teenage children) but unfortunately I see a few court appearances in the future as he is hell bent on destroying me once again. Thank you for being here and giving us all support and hope for a brighter future. With regards, H. S.


Hi Evelyn, My name is Eric Casaccio and I am the Writer/Director of “Narcissist.” First of all, thank you so much for sharing the video and the website on your page! So proud of what you are doing. You’re making a huge difference. Keep it up! – Eric


Thank you for your page! Bless you! T.S.


Dear Evelyn, I would like to say a million times thank you. I have been to many pages but this has helped me the most. Thanks again and blessings to you for spreading truth. L.A.


You have been a blessing to me since I found your page yesterday. For two long years now, I have been trying to please someone that I truly thought that I fell in love with. He would have me so convinced that he cared about me to the extent that I considered leaving my family for him, spent over $52k to try to please him, am currently in so much debt, and as of last week, still thought he would eventually wish to be with me. It is completely exhausting! He divorced two years ago, and said that he did it for me. Although a few weeks later, he was out dating girls. As I’ve found over the years, many girls. He keeps telling me that he loves me, but when we do meet, he is constantly texting, or sending emails, or calling people. I am my own worst enemy, because I have this unconditional love for him, and it seems like it is completely a waste of my time. Thank you for your inspirational words on your page and on Narcology. I’m hoping to keep reading, and come up with a way to break free from what was once the happiest relationship that I’ve ever had. Thank you again. K.B.


Hi Evelyn and Happy New Year – just wanted to thank you for all you do in reaching out and extending hope to those of us who have been so terribly abused; it certainly helps to feel not so all alone. If you would just whisper a short prayer in my direction, I’d be so grateful. 2014 was so hard for me in so many ways it’s hard to know where to begin, but to keep this brief, my only two adult children, both daughters, came to my home a week ago last Sunday, not telling me they were coming and for an hour and half they verbally assaulted me with crazy, twisted accusations, outright lies and total fabrications; every time I tried to speak they shut me down, spoke over me and eventually the younger daughter went into an all out rage. I could take no more and politely asked them to leave. Upon their leaving I said to the older daughter that the way they treat me will effluence the grandchildren to do likewise. She yelled at me, ” oh really Mom? Well that’s it, you will never see my kids again!” As they left I said, “I hope you have a Merry Christmas”, and the oldest shouted back at me, FU Mom while giving me the finger. Once they had left my next door neighbor texted me to ask me if everything was OK – she heard it all. That night I had the worst stress attack of my life; I could hardly catch my breath and I cried so hard from the pit of my gut, deep, mournful groans – my poor husband thought I would have a stroke or a heart attack. I called my doctor who phoned in a script to calm me down; he too wanted me to go to the ER, but I told him I was too stressed to go. I had gone no contact with both of them and we did not spend Thanksgiving with them, and when I hinted that we would also stay away on Christmas, that is when they showed up and crossed my boundaries into our own home. My Mother also passed away on Mothers Day of all days and neither daughter said a word to me – there’s so much more of their abuse towards me all throughout the year. My grand children’s Christmas gifts still remain on our dining room table – they told me to send them back. 2015 HAS GOT to be better than ’14. Thank you again and thank you for just listening. There’s so much info out there on parents who are toxic and abuse their children, but not much on adult children abusing their parents – I shudder to think of either of them making decisions or taking care of me in my old age! J.B.


Thank you so much Evelyn. I don’t know about others, but for me it has been a long battle with leaving and staying no contact. I do appreciate your posts and the wisdom you share. Sometimes it takes a village to leave a narc, lol. Thank you again for understanding. S.D.


I have used the term “narcissist magnet” to describe myself for sometime, and also recognize that I am an empath…Thank you for writing such an enlightening article that explains so much…very validating, and will help me form my work with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. J.W., LCSW


I do want to thank you for your help and the site on Facebook. It’s not just me, there are tons of people that go through this… each time, its horrible and demonic. Not to sound grim, but I have no idea what my medical future will be like so I wanted to say thank you and how much I appreciate the site, while I have a chance to do so. A.G.


I really appreciate what you write about Empaths. I have taken two personality tests over the years for a couple of jobs, and took Strength Finders assessment as part of my current teaching job. Empathy has come up in all of theses tests/assessments as a strength or personality trait of mine. I definitely have begun to see it as a weakness when I allow narcissistic people to overcome me. I really appreciated the article that talked about apaths – those people who stand back when someone who is an empath stands up for people who are being abused or put down. This has happened to me in work situations, and I was just beginning to understand the dynamics. Reading this has help to confirm my hunches. In the future I’m going to step back from that role. I have been hurt in the long run. This was in addition to thirty six years of emotional abuse in my marriage to a cerebral narcissist. I finally divorced him, and am fortunate that he spends most of the year in Florida…I’m so happy to have found this page. I will be staying away from him as much as possible. It will be impossible to avoid seeing him, but I will try to put into practice some of the techniques that I’ve read in this site when I do have to be around him. Checking in on this site will help my resolve. Thank you. K.M.


I think you do an amazing job with this site. I guarantee you help more people than you think so from all of us who know. I say THANK YOU! L.J.


Hi Evelyn. I went to see my dad. He was very pleased. He will have an open heart surgery and hopefully it will go well. I stayed with my mum in our family home for a week. And first time I could really see her traits. Her projections. Her manipulation so clearly. But guess what she did not touch me. She did not affect me. It has been almost 2 years after I realized she is a narcissist. It has been so productive for me and I was and am really happy I can feel when she is getting closer and remove my self. I can disengage from a pointless conversation. I don’t felt the need to tell her she is wrong. She did not change, she remains focused on me and she is trying hard to upset me, annoy me and push me into an argument. But I am just not biting the bait. And her flying monkeys. I could spot them and I cannot tell you how liberated and how worthy I feel. I speak on the phone with my dad more often and I am positive he knows we have a great connection and he can rely on me. I thank you again for the great advice. I thank you for being part of my village of wonderful, strong women. Thanks for all of your gifts and sharing your time with me. I look forward to paying it forward. XX A.B.


Hello. I just want to thank you for helping all us of who have been abused as children. Great work. Best regards, B.A.


Hi, I have had the toughest year ever after suffering at the hands of my mother, I just would like to thank you, I found this site when I was in one of the darkest moments in my life, I can’t honestly tell you how much of a help it’s been. All these years I have question why I feel and act the way I do, I never really got it, if you understand what I mean. On the surface I had it all, three beautiful wonderful happy children and a massively supportive and caring partner who truly loved the bones of me, but inside I was in turmoil I just didn’t understand why, I no longer lived with my parents so there was no physical or verbal abuse anymore, i had little contact with them but just kept getting hurt and holding the pain inside trying to understand how or why, being a mum myself I just couldn’t comprehend how anyone could inflict that pain on another. After reading a number of your posts I did the one thing I am most proud of, I sought help, I am due to start next Wednesday I have had my first session and although it was incredible sad hard and very very painful, but I got through it. Now I feel this wonderful new sense of freedom, that’s not to say there are not shadows on the horizon, but I’m feeling different, resolved, and above all I’m starting to accept things and move on. Sorry for the long rambling message but I wanted you to know how fantastic your work is, a true beacon of hope for the future. Thank you, from me and my family for helping me see that I am worth a future, love S.M. xxxxx


Hello, Evelyn. I would like to pass on my greatest gratitude for your healing posts. Coming through 2 narcissistic relationships, I have finally started looking after myself and this has taken a long time. I have and am restarting therapy again, but I can genuinely say the posts that you take the time to post, have helped me incredibly, more than therapy. I’m on my journey of self-care which will take time as I’m also the product from 2 alcoholic narcissistic parents! Hence my codependency qualities!!! Lucky for me I can work on that and raise my consciousness to a healthy level. So sorry I’ve just totally debriefed and you don’t even know me! But your work is changing my life! A big hug of gratitude, you’re my angel of information. Thank You, L.F.


I love to read your words. I hope u know they are uplifting, and healing. N.E.


Thank you again for a great advice re my cousin. She is offended and feels deserted. I kind of expected that. But not getting her disturbing messages is a relief. So true that we need to maintain no contact with toxic people. I started recognising them. She unfortunately not. I am happy that I removed my self. I hope the time will bring clearness and sense to her. I like your articles and posts on fb. Always so inspiring. All the best to you! A.B.


Thank you! I owe you, your page, and posts a lot of credit. I was finally able to put a name to a lot of the things I was experiencing in my “marriage”. It gave me the insight and strength to move forward. I’ve had some bumps in the road seeing him with his new supply and repeating his cycle. But after this article I see I’m heading in the right direction and no contact is most definitely the best defense. Thank you! J.T.


Hi Evelyn, I just wanted to say thanks for the inspirational posts. I’m no contact, and moving on with life. Sometimes it’s a struggle. Not avoiding the narc, that’s easy now, with all the knowledge and insight into how they tick. But, rebuilding my life. Sometimes the challenges I see in the future, seem huge. Then I read a post that speaks to me, and I can keep going, and keep trying. My future is up to me. Thanks for the help in healing, and living. xx Regards K. M.


Hello,  Evelyn. I just wanted to take the time and let you know that your advice on dealing with the narcs in our life is greatly appreciated…I read your posts daily and it has been a great help!!! I’m finally healing…and my children are slowly healing along with me. Thank you!! Once again. H. S.


It is because of pages such as yours that have inspired me to finally raise my voice after over a decade of silence to share my story in the hopes of helping other women in similar positions of suffering to share theirs. For years I was silent (and I am a writer!) while in a marriage to a man diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. It was only upon escape that I was able to recognize that I was not the one with the problem. And Facebook was not only instrumental in my education and empowerment, but most importantly to let me know that I was, in fact, not alone as I had always believed. So thank you! S.Q.


…Unless you have lived it, it’s impossible for you to comprehend the brainwashing, physical and mental torture of a narcissist sociopath. And recovery is a process…it’s not overnight. It was far too many years of my life….20 years…2 different men…one was my husband of 15 years…the other my fiancé for 5 years. But no contact is the only way to begin unraveling the twisted mess they make of you and your life. My journey has been difficult at times but I will never give up or go back to this life. I am so blessed today…so thankful for all the help and wonderful people God has put in my path. I discovered Yourlifelifter one day on FB and it was perfect timing on my journey…thank you Evelyn for all you do to help people like me…your work has changed my life. F. K.