Hi, I have had the toughest year ever after suffering at the hands of my mother, I just would like to thank you, I found this site when I was in one of the darkest moments in my life, I can’t honestly tell you how much of a help it’s been. All these years I have question why I feel and act the way I do, I never really got it, if you understand what I mean. On the surface I had it all, three beautiful wonderful happy children and a massively supportive and caring partner who truly loved the bones of me, but inside I was in turmoil I just didn’t understand why, I no longer lived with my parents so there was no physical or verbal abuse anymore, i had little contact with them but just kept getting hurt and holding the pain inside trying to understand how or why, being a mum myself I just couldn’t comprehend how anyone could inflict that pain on another. After reading a number of your posts I did the one thing I am most proud of, I sought help, I am due to start next Wednesday I have had my first session and although it was incredible sad hard and very very painful, but I got through it. Now I feel this wonderful new sense of freedom, that’s not to say there are not shadows on the horizon, but I’m feeling different, resolved, and above all I’m starting to accept things and move on. Sorry for the long rambling message but I wanted you to know how fantastic your work is, a true beacon of hope for the future. Thank you, from me and my family for helping me see that I am worth a future, love S.M. xxxxx