Hi Evelyn. I went to see my dad. He was very pleased. He will have an open heart surgery and hopefully it will go well. I stayed with my mum in our family home for a week. And first time I could really see her traits. Her projections. Her manipulation so clearly. But guess what she did not touch me. She did not affect me. It has been almost 2 years after I realized she is a narcissist. It has been so productive for me and I was and am really happy I can feel when she is getting closer and remove my self. I can disengage from a pointless conversation. I don’t felt the need to tell her she is wrong. She did not change, she remains focused on me and she is trying hard to upset me, annoy me and push me into an argument. But I am just not biting the bait. And her flying monkeys. I could spot them and I cannot tell you how liberated and how worthy I feel. I speak on the phone with my dad more often and I am positive he knows we have a great connection and he can rely on me. I thank you again for the great advice. I thank you for being part of my village of wonderful, strong women. Thanks for all of your gifts and sharing your time with me. I look forward to paying it forward. XX A.B.