I really appreciate what you write about Empaths. I have taken two personality tests over the years for a couple of jobs, and took Strength Finders assessment as part of my current teaching job. Empathy has come up in all of theses tests/assessments as a strength or personality trait of mine. I definitely have begun to see it as a weakness when I allow narcissistic people to overcome me. I really appreciated the article that talked about apaths – those people who stand back when someone who is an empath stands up for people who are being abused or put down. This has happened to me in work situations, and I was just beginning to understand the dynamics. Reading this has help to confirm my hunches. In the future I’m going to step back from that role. I have been hurt in the long run. This was in addition to thirty six years of emotional abuse in my marriage to a cerebral narcissist. I finally divorced him, and am fortunate that he spends most of the year in Florida…I’m so happy to have found this page. I will be staying away from him as much as possible. It will be impossible to avoid seeing him, but I will try to put into practice some of the techniques that I’ve read in this site when I do have to be around him. Checking in on this site will help my resolve. Thank you. K.M.