Hi Evelyn and Happy New Year – just wanted to thank you for all you do in reaching out and extending hope to those of us who have been so terribly abused; it certainly helps to feel not so all alone. If you would just whisper a short prayer in my direction, I’d be so grateful. 2014 was so hard for me in so many ways it’s hard to know where to begin, but to keep this brief, my only two adult children, both daughters, came to my home a week ago last Sunday, not telling me they were coming and for an hour and half they verbally assaulted me with crazy, twisted accusations, outright lies and total fabrications; every time I tried to speak they shut me down, spoke over me and eventually the younger daughter went into an all out rage. I could take no more and politely asked them to leave. Upon their leaving I said to the older daughter that the way they treat me will effluence the grandchildren to do likewise. She yelled at me, ” oh really Mom? Well that’s it, you will never see my kids again!” As they left I said, “I hope you have a Merry Christmas”, and the oldest shouted back at me, FU Mom while giving me the finger. Once they had left my next door neighbor texted me to ask me if everything was OK – she heard it all. That night I had the worst stress attack of my life; I could hardly catch my breath and I cried so hard from the pit of my gut, deep, mournful groans – my poor husband thought I would have a stroke or a heart attack. I called my doctor who phoned in a script to calm me down; he too wanted me to go to the ER, but I told him I was too stressed to go. I had gone no contact with both of them and we did not spend Thanksgiving with them, and when I hinted that we would also stay away on Christmas, that is when they showed up and crossed my boundaries into our own home. My Mother also passed away on Mothers Day of all days and neither daughter said a word to me – there’s so much more of their abuse towards me all throughout the year. My grand children’s Christmas gifts still remain on our dining room table – they told me to send them back. 2015 HAS GOT to be better than ’14. Thank you again and thank you for just listening. There’s so much info out there on parents who are toxic and abuse their children, but not much on adult children abusing their parents – I shudder to think of either of them making decisions or taking care of me in my old age! J.B.