You have been a blessing to me since I found your page yesterday. For two long years now, I have been trying to please someone that I truly thought that I fell in love with. He would have me so convinced that he cared about me to the extent that I considered leaving my family for him, spent over $52k to try to please him, am currently in so much debt, and as of last week, still thought he would eventually wish to be with me. It is completely exhausting! He divorced two years ago, and said that he did it for me. Although a few weeks later, he was out dating girls. As I’ve found over the years, many girls. He keeps telling me that he loves me, but when we do meet, he is constantly texting, or sending emails, or calling people. I am my own worst enemy, because I have this unconditional love for him, and it seems like it is completely a waste of my time. Thank you for your inspirational words on your page and on Narcology. I’m hoping to keep reading, and come up with a way to break free from what was once the happiest relationship that I’ve ever had. Thank you again. K.B.