Facebook and the Power of Healing

Evelyn Ryan, Yourlifelifter

thAs the owner and founder of Yourlifelifter, a healing page on Facebook and website that serve as “A Truth-Based Healing and Information Center for Narcissistic Abuse Survivors and Others Seeking Emotional Freedom,” I have witnessed first hand the miraculous healing power of social media.

th-2 Facebook and the World Wide Web have allowed me to provide a haven for the good folks to rest, heal and thrive, a family, if you will, for the authentic ones with heart, compassion, caring and who want to help other people and who also have been exploited by the narcissists and other character disordered covert aggressors who manipulated their power from them. Many of us seeking to heal have been alienated from our families of birth. The souls of many are starving for truth and Yourlifelifter is showing folks where to look and what to look for to nourish their souls.

starving soul hungerFacebook and the World Wide Web also afforded all of us the opportunity to feel as well as experience our personal healing power first hand. How? By the magnitude of reach of the healing energy and truth: The almost daily letters of thanks I receive from folks collectively from 45 countries and who speak 21 languages who are healing and have healed…A post that reaches 40,000 people from around the world…Posts that reach over 500,000 people weekly around the world because abuse victims share those posts with others who share with others who share with others until the message of healing truth spreads like a virus across the seas!

th-3This demonstrates the power of truth, goodness, compassion, authenticity, integrity of character and righteousness that is not only vast beyond human comprehension but is truly humbling in its beauty. It also indicates a rise in the collective consciousness of healing, need for truth-based nourishment that our souls long for as well as the real power generated by authentically good people, the empaths, the compassionate energy receivers and healers.

Do the evil target us? Will they continue to target us?

Of course. Evil is just part of humanity. Because there will always be people who lack compassion and who want all the benefits that the truly good and virtuous people can supply them without having to earn them. And, yes, there is currently a pandemic of narcissism across the world that is also causing the rise in terrorism that we see.

th-4However, we of the healing community will rise above and together we will change the world and return the balance of goodness where it should be: front and center in the minds of the politicians, parents, teachers, presidents, CEOs, our children and every other person in this world. And we will set examples, continue to spread truth and also educate people on narcissism and its causes in the same way we will educate the abused (including those predisposed to narcissism) on the causes of their abuse and start addressing trauma in their youth and focus on the elements of virtue that will help them build characters of personal integrity. We will educate the parents and help them heal so their children heal through them. And Facebook and the World Wide Web are allowing us to do so, to reach out and touch the lives of millions and, soon, billions from across the globe.

In this way, we can put a stop to the pain-based and faulty thinking and pain addictions that are at the core of intergenerational abuse and keep the narcissists’s depravity at the lower end of the continuum where they will do the least amount of damage as they get older and move into adulthood. We, the good folks, will then not be vulnerable to them and no longer fear them and even if they continue to target us, the harm they inflict will not be as serious.

This is how good overpowers evil!

Together we heal! Together we thrive!

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