Am I The Narcissist?


Evelyn Ryan, Yourlifelifter

I hear frequently from readers who fear they are the narcissist and the one with the personality disorder.

My answer?

“Absolutely not!”

This distorted thinking is a consequence of prolonged abuse that started in childhood and its traumatic impacts on your beliefs, self-worth, self-assurance, gauges of reasoning, and your abilities to trust and regulate your emotions.

The fact that you would even be concerned about this, demonstrates that your emotional capabilities although skewed, are intact.

Prolonged narcissistic abuse is slick invalidation from emotional vampires – carefully planned and premeditated efforts to stealthily through covert aggressive combat maneuvers, take everything valuable that you have to offer (your love, trust, compassion, beauty, generosity, child-bearing abilities, finances, or whatever) that they can manipulate from you to provide an illusion of grandeur and greatness to the world without any of the work.

When we do, we give up our power and energy that…

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2 thoughts on “Am I The Narcissist?

  1. Maria @NoMoreNarchole @LittleMariaBlueEyedAngel says:

    Talking about not respecting boundaries, what you said about not knocking the door before entering the room. My husband the narc would waltz into the bathroom any time he cared, perfectly knowing that I was in there, answering nature’s call. He would not knock or even ask. Nothing. I finally put my foot down and told him that I didn’t want him walking in the bathroom when I was using it. (Even though the door wouldn’t be locked, I would always close it behind me. Any decent person would equal the door to a boundary.) He said some lame joke about sharing everything in marriage. I said that I was not willing to share my nature’s calls with him or anybody else to the case. He got mad at me. Since that day, I would lock the door because he would still try to get in while I was in there.


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