Useful Tips to Identify Toxic People in Your Life


Evelyn Ryan, Yourlifelifter
th-4I write frequently about the damage of narcissistic abuse in families and the pandemic of pathological narcissism across the world. I am also committed to help people not only heal from narcissistic abuse but also protect themselves from the immeasurable harm from toxic people, relationships, and environments. In fact, these lessons are pretty easy to learn especially when people come to understand how weak and powerless and detectable toxic people really are.
You can expect toxic people to be covertly or overtly aggressive in nature yet weak in character. Instead of working to build wisdom and the abilities to sustain themselves, they have learned how to play on people’s trusting nature and compassion to steal power from them they cannot source themselves. In relationships, these narcissistic personalities use love as their camouflage. They want all the benefits of friendship, families, marriage and having children without working for them as well. Sadly these…

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