Why Are People Evil?

Evelyn Ryan, Yourlifelifter

th-2Now, I am not preaching or discussing my religious beliefs however religion, anecdotes, truth, and evil are are my mind today. And this is why.

I have always been fascinated with what makes people evil. Frankly, I could never relate and still have a hard time understanding the lack of compassion and empathy in evil rotten broken people, specifically pathological narcissists and psychopaths. But since most religions address good and evil, it was natural for me to use them as sources of information.

This is what I found:

  1. Pretty much all religions are founded on reconciliation of good and evil and the search for truth or enlightenment.
  2. They use anecdotes, short accounts of a real incident or person not supported by scientific data, to make a point.
  3. All discuss the consequences of committing evil deeds or violation of moral or ethical codes more commonly referred to as “sins.” Most define what these moral and ethical codes are and list them and provide examples in anecdotes. Sins are graded  by severity from least to most harmful as are good characteristics from least to most beneficial.
  4. Most provide some leeway for those who truly unknowingly commit sins or repent them.
  5. Punishments for breaking the rules are commensurate with their severity and the level of intent in committing the sin. In all religions, evil people pay the ultimate price for the worst “mortal” sins and good virtuous people reap the benefits. For example, the ultimate price, in Christianity, for the truly evil who do not repent is hell and eternal damnation. The benefit for the righteous is enlightenment and eternal life.
  6. Some claim evil is passed down from generation to generation.
  7. All are founded in faith, belief without justification or what I refer to as “internal truth” or “internal beliefs.”

Read more on dysfunctional families and intergenerational abuse.

Let’s examine now in the discussion of evil, the worst of the sins referred to as the seven capital sins, deadly sins or mortal sins and their relation to the seven virtues.

th-1The Roman Catholic Church recognized the Seven Capital Virtues as opposites to the Seven Deadly Sins. According to Dante’s The Divine Comedy, the sins have an order of greatness, and the virtues a respective order of greatness as well.

This order is shown below from the least significant to the most significant. Note that pride or vanity otherwise known as narcissism, then, is listed as the worst of the mortal sins. It is considered the cause of the other six, hence, the “root of all evil.” Note also that the virtues identify what are the most desirable character traits.

Seven Mortal Sins

  1. Lust (excessive sexual appetites)
  2. Gluttony (over-indulgence)
  3. Greed (avarice)
  4. Sloth (laziness/idleness)th-7
  5. Wrath (anger)
  6. Envy (jealousy)
  7. Pride (vanity)

Seven Virtues

  1. Chastity (purity)
  2. Temperance (self-restraint)
  3. Charity (giving)
  4. Diligence (zeal/integrity/Labor)
  5. Forgiveness (composure)
  6. Kindness (admiration)
  7. Humility (humbleness)

So aren’t we, the compassionate loving virtuous ones the targets of narcissistic evil beasts who the scriptures describe as the root of all evil?

Read more here on how narcissists target empaths.

What are we to make of the evil narcissists with deficient characters in our lives who mucked with our belief system, abused us, exploited us, shadowed their brokenness and evilness on us and tried to turn us into them? What are we to make of those who as discussed in the Bible “call evil good and good evil and put darkness for light and light for darkness.”

15542103_1865236083711339_1752394264640839557_nThis is what I profess, that in all religions, at a point in history when the level of man’s thinking was less mature, when psychology did not exist and we relied on the heavens for answers, folks were describing narcissists and psychopaths. Compassionate loving empathic virtuous people from every corner of the world who were being targeted and scapegoated by narcissists and psychopaths (Jesus being the most famous of scapegoats) were desperate for answers in their common searches for truth. And they wrote their answers in their scriptures and described them in anecdotes to educate and warn us of the evil among us and the impending doom. This is what preempted “psychology” before its birth and we could put a name to these disordered humans. And they were pretty much spot on.

Read more on the pandemic of narcissism across the world.

As they all described, when all is said and done, people will remember those kind compassionate people, the enlightened ones who live in truth, and will miss them and share those memories with others. We can learn from our mistakes, course and thought correct, and repent from our “sins.” Our souls can be nourished and we can heal. Our spirits and souls do live forever. This, I profess is eternal life commonly known as “heaven.”

th-4And those evil ones, the narcissists and psychopaths, when they pass, people will rejoice and forget them and no one will share memories of them or miss them. They cannot be cured. They are evil unrepentant sinners who cannot create their own energy and leave no memories to sustain those who remain. Their spirits and insatiable souls are gone forever. This, I profess is eternal damnation commonly known as “hell.”

11 thoughts on “Why Are People Evil?

  1. Paul In-Ca says:

    The most instrumental thing that happened to me, is because of the surreal reality of CD, and reiterating her words verbatim here, as she said plainly on numerous occasions, “You are everything to me.” Now suddenly she said: “You are nothing to me, and those words, much like another on this blog said about the narc telling them “I don’t respect you.”,. equally hung in the air,but more so, have continued to echo for the last 11 months, each day, along with other superlative promises in the ruse she referred to as “My love for you will never grow cold and never die.”, along with being “The answer to her prayers come to pass, and cherishing me all of her days.” For 18 months she “love bombed” me like this, then suddenly it was as if she was somehow managing to successfully “unsay” everything, while systematically dismantling me for the next 4 months. I have felt so stupid for being so easily conned, but it is in reading others stories I am able to accept it, as that was a huge hurdle, second, I needed to stop blaming myself, and again, from blogs like this, and youtube videos from Ross Rosenberg, Sacha Slone, Ollie and others, I am able to say with full confidence, the blame for doing anything besides wanting what we all want, that perfect mate, love for a lifetime, best friend, etc., EVERYTHING that has transpired from that first bad decision she made to stalk me, to have the perfect introduction, to the mirroring, the artificial inflating of my ego, and the fact ultimately I somewhat exposed her, is unequivocally her fault and hers alone, along with whatever fallout she’s dealing with now, and the major fallout in the future. The hardest part for me after those 18 insidious months of being “fattened” for the kill, has been the inability to change my cognitive process where she’s concerned, but I’m pleased to say I’m almost there, and I wrote something to help me in this area, based again on something I heard another survivor say. hope you don’t mind me placing it here, as I’ve gotten a lot of really positive feedback on the piece, and as a high empath, that is my greatest desire.
    Thanks for reading,




  2. John Dough says:

    It’s facinating to me how we are each coming to basically the same realization on this subject, as when Paul is writing to Timothy, and says; “Perilous times will come”, then goes on to describe a malignant narcissistic sociopath imo, he also talks about them “creeping” into gullible women’s homes, and to me this indicates the “covert” ones specifically.
    Just my .02.
    In any case here is a note I wrote recently on the question of whether or not these demons in human skin can be “saved” and go to “heaven”, and I’d appreciate your feedback.



    Liked by 1 person

    • Evelyn Ryan says:

      Thank you. Well. Simply put I think if they could be saved they already would have been but there is NOT one not one record of anyone being “saved.” I believe the reason is that it is caused by a predisposed genetic condition like resilience and too much compassion. Too much of anything is not good and why a balance of even narcissism is important. I think the truly evil are evil and you can’t be a little of it, you are or you aren’t like being pregnant. But you can be a little bit pregnant or a lot pregnant…there are degrees of it. I also think that treating them just gives them more ammunition in their combat tactics. They can be taught to temper behaviors and can learn them easier in childhood. We have to be able to be compassionate (inherited as a function of the brain) to learn empathy (learned in your upbringing). Brain scans have founds that psychopaths and sociopaths lack compassion however the parts of the brain for plotting and scheming and conning work just fine. There is no cure however those with too much compassion can learn to temper theirs because they cannot LOSE the functionality. Remember too that those who lack compassion target the empaths who have too much and especially abused empaths who were exploited and not taught to use their compassion responsibly. We are taught how to be narcissists and codependents who serve them in childhood. Read more here. https://yourlifelifter.com/2015/10/12/what-you-dont-know-about-dysfunctional-families-and-intergenerational-abuse/

      Remember, too, that we, you and are are discussing this because it is in our level of awareness and enlightenment. However, irreparable damage is done when people are not aware and live their entire lives a victims of narcissists and we beget others like us. Back in ancient times, all this evil was promoted and supported in the scriptures that warned and taught us about the harm from it. Our families generationally promoted it and still do. Look at the pandemic of narcissism around the world and the state of the US government. Our knowledge now is power to take down the obstacles to truth. However we have to understand we are worthy of the knowledge too.

      I wrote these articles recently that I think you will appreciate. https://yourlifelifter.com/2016/12/20/the-world-needs-to-heal-and-take-its-power-back/ and https://yourlifelifter.com/2016/12/17/the-five-pillars-of-personal-worth-power-and-authenticity/

      Would very much appreciate your feedback.

      Merry Christmas,

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  3. MillieF says:

    Thank you for this enlightening article! This is fascinating because as an person struggling with self-love in my own dysfunctional relationship with my bipolar narcissistic soon to be ex husband, I was blamed for the demise of our marriage and his faulty relationships with our children. I was told HE was going to ask God to have “mercy on MY soul” for getting out of a hurtful relationship and he and his family judged me and used religious abuse as ways to manipulate me and my children. Isn’t that the complete opposite of love and peace? The hurt and lack of trust and even emotional and religious abuse redirects the responsibility to face their own personal sins, etc. onto trusting and less confident people like me. Yes I was pushed to a point of yelling, screaming and swearing to try to get him to see how he hurt me but I was told by him “it can’t be all ME” and how now me and the kids are living in “hell” because of standing up for myself. His lack of maturity and lack of responsibility and me telling my story about how I stopped drinking their “kool aid” and started thinking of myself is starting to heal me ever so slowly! I returned to nursing school and was even told how school “ruined” me. I began thinking and taking care of myself with the intention of earning extra income and was stilled shamed and judged for improving myself. I graduated with a smile beaming on my face and he sat in the audience arms folded and a scowl on his face in disapproval. It was most evident during one of the final arguments when he flat out told me he didn’t respect me. That hung in the air like the smoke of a bad cigar. It’s stench lingered in the air and I was instantly sick knowing how that marked the end of this turbulent relationship almost exactly a year ago. Our children are caught in the cross wires and for that I am most heartbroken. I know we will rise from the ashes but I am determined to rise and not fall prey to him or his family. My religious beliefs have been challenged and somedays I cannot find the words to pray. I cling to the hope that one day the love I seek is returned and I can continue to heal. Jesus and his ways continue to surround me with that fact I am loved and lovable just because. I focus on that as much as I can.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Evelyn Ryan says:

      ALL A LIE they manipulated you to believe to serve them…evil beings…tried to turn your light to darkness to fill their empty souls.

      Now it’s time for you to find and live your truth through THE TRUTH unhindered and become the authentic loving perfect empathetic kind caring person you were put on this earth to be to make it a better place for others and to help others heal and find their truth. God bless you and may your spiritual father guide and protect you in your search for truth. xo Evelyn

      To deal with these evil beings is way higher than our pay grade…they call their lives living hell…human predators…..only God knows…

      Liked by 2 people

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