On Free Will, Character, and Tolerance

Evelyn Ryan, Yourlifelifter

th-7If you do not provide the body the proper nourishment it needs to survive and sustain itself or you take in too many toxic substances or stress your body above what it was designed to do, the body cannot develop normally and visually, you look bad and physically and emotionally, you feel bad. You become physically and emotionally “unfit.” Read more here.

starving soul hungerNourishment, we must remember,  includes emotional nourishment. We cannot sustain ourselves emotionally if we are not allowed or are prevented from acting on our inalienable rights to pursue happiness, to find meaning in our lives, to become who we individually are. So we need to use our personal power to act on our free will to survive and to support our emotional health and overall well-being. In fact, our human bodies were divinely designed to use our free will to search for and pursue “truth” and build the resilience needed to sustain our happiness. Let’s examine this further.

No one has the right to prevent us from becoming our authentic selves including manipulating our power from us to redirect it to serve themselves. In fact, this is just plain dangerous and in many cases, illegal. No one was born with that right or is entitled to that right just as our founding fathers agreed to in our Bill of Rights and the Constitution and its amendments. Our authority is limited to solely, if we choose, inform others we don’t agree and why or this is what we believe and why. That is about it! You can’t debate the “correctness” of beliefs or conclude that mine are wrong and yours are right. What we believe is what we believe even if we believe lies and think those of others are skewed and way off base. We cannot turn personal beliefs into laws and expect them to hold steadfast and true. Self-righteousness is not righteous.

We do have laws founded in morality and righteousness that mandate the boundaries of our actions to ensure a peaceful society, prevent abuse of authority, and support the principle that we are all different and have a common right to act on our free will, choose our paths in life, and develop the abilities to do so. These laws have evolved and proved their effectiveness over time. However, laws cannot tell us how to think or what to pursue or what not to pursue or motivate us to do so. That we must figure out on our own. That is the beauty of law. To strive for a chaos free society, knowing that perfection will never be achieved because we are all different and fallible, even law. When the laws become self-righteous or exploitive, however, and prevent folks from acting on their free will (assuming people are capable of making decisions that do not do them harm), people start making their own rules and rebelling. Why? Because directing, manipulating, or restricting that what innately makes us human and what we as humans are uniquely designed for and what drives our passions and our unalienable rights to pursue happiness and use our own free will to pursue it, in short, create chaos. They go against the laws of nature, conflict with our life’s purpose, and prevent us from being who we were put on this earth to be and to live harmoniously with others.

12622499_1059585244104691_2861246025910635435_oWe can’t tell people how to think or manipulate their thinking and what to do even if we do not believe or agree with what they think or what they do. We can try, however, this is self-serving, exploitive, fraudulent, immoral, disrespectful, dishonorable, and abusive. This is also invalidating and is attempting to take away a person’s divine right to free will as well as equal access to resources and opportunities to sustain their health and well-being and to act on their inalienable rights. As stated earlier, when we attempt to do so, chaos ensues.

How does free will relate to our personal rights and relationships? As discussed, we are all born with the inalienable rights to pursue life, liberty and happiness and find meaning in our lives. We are also innately born lovable. However, other more interpersonal “rights” such as the rights to be believed or to be trusted or respected are earned and learned. We work for these rights by gaining the skills, knowledge, and abilities and, more so, demonstrate our worthiness through our actions and words that stem from beliefs we validate through our life experiences and our personal interactions. This is how our characters develop and become chiseled permanently into our being. This is how we develop personal power and relational health. Read more here.

Let’s look at my business and Facebook ownership, for example. This ownership provides me authority but gives me no special entitlement. Being an abuse survivor or having the ability to manage a Facebook page and business provide me no special rights or divine authority to be believed or the exploit those who are seeking healing solutions.  It simply doesn’t work that way. And to think otherwise is irrational and ludicrous.

th-8I could, like any unethical, weak, exploitive, or self-serving person just tell you all a bunch of lies or what you “need” to hear to manipulate your power from you and continue to exploit you. I assure you that is not the case. To the contrary, I, like other legitimate healers, earned this position and the respect that comes with it through my hard work, education, authenticity, professional certifications, actions, validation from others including experts, other credible Facebook owners, and my community members and customers who through reliability of my service, have learned to trust me. I work everyday to become better to better serve those who rely on my credibility to do so because I and they deserve that level of quality.

So no one has the right to judge others, dictate how others behave or how or what they choose because, simply, they have not earned that right and it is not their “divine” purpose to do so. Those who think they do, are the ones who have maladapted and instead of becoming of working to become self-reliant, resilient, and self-sustaining people, learned to parasitically source their emotional nourishment from someone or something else. They have become dangerous to society, the punks, thugs, con artist, fakes, and frauds. They are the ones who as described in the Bible, turn darkness into light and light into darkness.

Read more on why people are evil.

In reality, if we want to legitimately change the behaviors of others, we can only influence them to use their free will to change through our words and actions proven credible, effective, and trustworthy over time. Bringing value to others is the only power we have in relationships. That is about it. The rest is left to others to decide. Accepting this and others without judgment is the key to tolerance and compassion that are what drive mankind’s survivability and sustainability and our own ability to adapt to that we know we have no power to change and using our free will to change that which we do.

And when we find others who reflect our truth back to us?

Well, that is when the magic starts and that is what life is all about.

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