Beware Narcissists Posing as Healers

Evelyn Ryan, Yourlifelifter

th-4I write extensively on the Blog and at the Yourlifelifter Facebook page reminding abuse survivors that healing is all about them, not their abusers and how focusing too much on their abusers will prevent them from healing and taking their personal power back.

I would like to expand on this topic especially with the recent release of exploitive “healing” books on narcissism and the increase of healing Facebook pages being run by narcissists some proclaiming even that they are “recovered” when in fact, there is no cure.

So let’s break this down a bit more.

I can teach you all you want to know about narcissists in about 15 minutes. THAT is how predictable they are in their depravity and that is all you need to heal and get over them. I periodically print about 15 one paragraph Questions and Answers that are ALL you need to know to move forward in healing.

12728933_1029523830454167_7543660069029010331_nThe point is this!

You, we, I can focus our energy on the narcissists and continue to give up our power to them and be exploited and try to figure out why they didn’t love us (which they are not capable of by the way) or we can take our power back, heal, heal our children and move on to live joy- and love-filled lives and thrive.

Which do you choose?

Because I know for a fact that there are dozens of Facebook pages and dozens more exploitive books that throw around words like healing and recovery that do nothing more than PREVENT you from healing.

The owners of the legitimate healing pages know ALL ABOUT THEM! In fact, I have been invited to participate in a panel discussion with other healers on a radio show on Mental Health News Radio to discuss this exact topic.

Folks, anyone can claim they are a narcissism expert.

Anyone can research narcissism and just repeat what they read and reprint it.

Anyone can look up memes on narcissism and repost them.

10947330_10152839810449961_2098951278719241549_nAnyone can write about the same stuff over and over and over again and repackage it differently to keep your emotional juices and trauma based hormones flowing and need for revenge triggered that will keep you trauma bonded to your abusers and uncontrollably needing to read more of the dramatic garbage.

Anyone can plagiarize other people’s works and post them and exploit others to believe they wrote it.

Sounds awful doesn’t it?

Well, this is EXACTLY what the narcissists you have never met are attempting every minute of every day to do to you WHILE THEY PREACH NO CONTACT TO YOU.

Narcissists posing as healers? What a novel idea, right?  Well, it is not so novel. It may be pretty new to Facebook but narcissists infiltrated the medical and psychological professions a long long time ago like pedophiles infiltrated the priesthood.

1098228_1187695837924727_3159249499669189930_nIt is all true because narcissists look for vulnerable victims so they need to be creative. Narcissism falls on a spectrum and there are tons of narcissists who continue to exploit their own victims just like there are narcissistic therapists who exploit their clients and narcissists who prey on their own children.


Because as I write about all the time, they know exactly what they do and believe they are entitled to all the benefits you can provide them without doing the decades of and daily research it takes to be a legitimate healer.

They forever lack a moral compass.

They forever lack compassion.

They forever lack empathy.

5cfff8c5858232ba3e5cba761677b3af (1)They forever lack the ability to sustain their own selves and parasitically prey on other human beings including their own children and relatives and even those they have traumatically wounded because they simply DO NOT CARE.

What better people to target than those who admittedly need help so they continue to abuse you “by proxy” by posing as a healer.

Read more here on how narcissists have infiltrated the healing and helping professions.

Blood relations do not make anyone immune to a heartless parasite. In fact, it makes the related empaths more vulnerable as we all here are well aware of.

11148662_10152995529557599_2181743658615626665_oThe challenges to a legitimate healer and to those who are healing are these:

To teach and learn just enough about narcissists to understand what happened to you and what your childhood wounds are and what makes you vulnerable to them so YOU CAN HEAL AND PROTECT YOURSELF from these despicable human beings.

Read more on how much you need to know about narcissism to heal.

You need to learn just enough about them so you can take your power back and be your authentic joy-filled selves you were put on this earth to be and thrive.

You need to learn just enough about them so you can heal and so your children can heal through you.

May your spiritual source guide and protect you in your search for truth and keep you safe from these parasitic emotional vampires, these annoying human mosquitoes, posing as healers.

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