How Much Do We Need to Know About Narcissism to Heal?

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Evelyn Ryan, Yourlifelifter

“I strongly recommend in your healing journeys, to be discerning in your selection of truth-based information and to choose the company of truth-seekers like yourself whose healing goals align with yours.” 
~ Evelyn Ryan, Yourlifelifter ~
The legitimate healers as well as influencers, the real game changers on social media like Shannon Thomas, Kristin Walker, Melanie Tonia Evans, Dr. Lynne Namka, Ross Rosenberg, Shahida Arabi, Glynis Sherwood, Dr. Judith Orloff, Christine Louis de Canonville, Kim Saeed, etc. know that ours are not necessarily the most popular websites and Facebook pages. We understand this because most of us are empaths and truth seekers (and mostly women I may add) who share truth. We know well that truth is painful and what is painful and uncomfortable is not the most, well, “enticing.” We know that abuse survivors have been conditioned in their lives to be comfortable in their pain and especially in early stages of healing…

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