Narcissists, Character, Work, and Obligation


Evelyn Ryan, Yourlifelifter

th-15We can see the biggest differences between narcissists and authentically “good” people when it comes to work, commitment, and obligation.

Can a narcissist be nice?


Can a narcissist be charming?

Of course!

Do narcissists have redeeming qualities, talents, skills, abilities?

Sure, they do.

Can narcissists work?

Absolutely. They can work very very hard!


There are tremendous differences between “acting nice,” turning on the charm and intentionally applying your skills, knowledge and abilities to manipulate attention, adulation, power, control, to feed your false or less than intact ego and fill gaps in your broken psyche and to serve only yourself and authentically being nice, generous, compassionate, loving, and honest, and working hard to bring value to others and to your own self that builds one’s personal character.

The Roles of Work and Obligation in Emotional Health and Building Character

starving soul hungerEmotionally healthy people work for what they need to benefit and sustain themselves and those they are in relationships with. In fact…

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