Heal the World? Heal Yourself.

Evelyn Ryan, Yourlifelifter

th-2We routinely have people in positions of authority in our lives deliberately and intentionally creating confusion and power imbalance to play on our vulnerabilities. Now these exploitive human parasites who I call “glittered turds” cannot announce to you and the world their true intent can they? How then would they be able to con you to let your protective boundaries down and get you to do all the work while they benefit and manipulate from you what they feel in their sick compassionless minds they are entitled to take at your and your children’s and, in fact, the world’s expense.

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Yes, folks. Evil people do exist and they do come masked as all you ever wanted and they play and bank on your basic needs discussed below to do so.

images-2Do You Live from a Core of Truth or Neediness?

Are you one of the vulnerable, the “chronically needy,” or do you live from from a core of power and truth? Are you living as your authentic self and use your personal power and truth to self-sufficiently ensure your needs are met or do you codependently rely on others to define your worth?

Man, women or whoever, we all project onto others and into the world what we believe to be true even if it is a lie. It is just how our minds and bodies work. If life was easy, we would all not try very hard and we would overpopulate the world, wouldn’t we. When we live inauthentic pain-based egoic lives we actually seek out and attract others to validate our pain and our inauthenticity because living in pain has become familiar, comfortable yet maladaptive. worthy-truthThis validation becomes an addictive, easy, and appealing yet unhealthy way to soothe but not heal our pain. It also makes us vulnerable to emotional predators. The same peptides that drive chemical addictions, feed the gratifying temporary alleviation of our pain that we mistake for joy, worth, desirability or worse, love. It may be relieving in the short term but pain addiction will never sustain you because you are living a lie and your body knows it. You are living as a pain-addicted relief-seeking person not one who is living from a core of strength and joy that sustains your body as it was designed to function.

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The Disordered are Weak, Aggressive and Have No Power

The personality disordered like narcissists and psychopaths have insatiable appetites. These “faulty” humans are morally and emotionally weak, lack compassion, and are not able to source their strength and joy internally and, as a result, have become human parasites who feed off of others’ power. Don’t forget that the parts of the brains of the disordered that plot and scheme and con work perfectly fine.

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They learn to use aggression overtly or covertly to manipulate power from vulnerable, typically emotionally wounded, emotionally unhealthy individuals. We can see the biggest differences between narcissists and authentically good people when it comes to work, commitment, and obligation.  Kathy Krajco, a formidable pioneer in educating the world on narcissism and narcissistic abuse, describes in What Makes Narcissists Tick how the “helping professions” that supply an abundance of vulnerable prey attract pathological narcissists. Kathy cautions us to “think not only of vulnerable children in the case of teachers but also vulnerable children or grieving and hurt adults in the case of priests and ministers. Think of the vulnerable patients supplied to psychiatrists.” She also warns us about the serious problem narcissism poses in the public sector and private nonprofit institutions that use the do-gooder and moral elitist facade to cloak their true self-righteous intentions to not do good but to be “seen as doing good” and “show how good they are by pointing at someone else and telling them how bad they are.” Politics, she points out, “is an ideal arena for narcissists…the list of them who have conned whole nations to become dictators is breathtaking.”

So folks, it is all about us working very hard to become respectful persons of integrity who source our power to supply our needs. This means healing by working on our self-care and self-compassion to focus our energy on us and working hard to build the character qualities that allow us to do so and live as our bodies were designed!! Here are the five pillars of personal worth, power and authenticity that apply to all of use and that we all need to continually work on and improve to become “good” self-sufficient joyful people, parents, friends, citizens, neighbors, coworkers no matter what our creed, religion, sex, financial status, and nationality.

  1. Integrity of Character
  2. Competence
  3. Healthy Relationships
  4. Emotional and Physical Fitness
  5. Adaptability

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What is Authentic Human Power?

We are all members of the human race and the rules of humanity, peace, and harmony do not change because of logistics or our religions or being in the presence of toxic power hungry persons, the glittered turds who hold authority positions in our family, school, work, church, government, neighborhood, or who clean our teeth. The core to what makes us all human is the same for all because our human needs, regardless of our roots or our titles or social status, are the same and those are basic, simple:

  • Self-actualizationMaslows-Hierarchy-of-Needs
  • Self-esteem
  • Love/Belonging
  • Safety
  • Physiological

And we surely cannot satisfy these needs if we are accustomed to not having these needs supplied, believing falsely we are unworthy, or mistaking instant gratification for true joy.

People with authentic power not only are able to sufficiently ensure these needs are met but they also set and achieve goals to sustain them in the long term and pay it forward to help others achieve their needs and sustain their power as well.

So like Mr. Roberts’ mother who advised him to “look for the helpers,” you, too, look for the helpers and healers, look for the truth seekers and speakers, look for those who use their personal power and compassion authentically and work their back ends off to improve and work on their characters and who help, not exploit, others for their self-serving personal gain. And use 705466_cover_mockup1-1these “good people” as role models as people to emulate and to inspire you to work hard and take your power back, heal, and set the best examples for your children and for your fellow man. And, in turn, become one who others look up to and project back to them, real power, value, joy, authenticity to set the best example of what humanity is about so they too aspire to become self sufficient compassionate authentic powerful self-assured people of high integrity.

Unhealed pain we just transfer to the next generation and shadow on our fellow man. To heal the world, heal yourself and take your power back! That is when the magic starts!

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