Heal the World? Heal Yourself.


Evelyn Ryan, Yourlifelifter

th-2We routinely have people in positions of authority in our lives deliberately and intentionally creating confusion and power imbalance to play on our vulnerabilities. Now these exploitive human parasites who I call “glittered turds” cannot announce to you and the world their true intent can they? How then would they be able to con you to let your protective boundaries down and get you to do all the work while they benefit and manipulate from you what they feel in their sick compassionless minds they are entitled to take at your and your children’s and, in fact, the world’s expense.

Read more here on how the world needs to heal and take its power back.

Yes, folks. Evil people do exist and they do come masked as all you ever wanted and they play and bank on your basic needs discussed below to do so.

images-2Do You…

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