The World Needs to Heal and Take Its Power Back


Evelyn Ryan, Yourlifelifter

“The fabric woven by our forefathers that sustains our livelihood and supports our collective happiness and emotional and physical fitness is unraveling. The needle on the moral and ethical compass that supports them has been replaced with a pain- and fear- based one. So rather than use and improve the system that sustains and nurtures us to be our best and soothe and relieve our emotional pain, we desperately are exploiting it to fill gaps in our psyches. We have become a savage aggressive pain based people who exploit others for power and validation rather than authentic self sustaining people who source them internally within our own selves. We have become saboteurs of our own happiness.”

Others as preyAbuse of power, exploitation of people’s fear and pains, and violation of their basic human
rights are the bases of wars. No where is this message more evident than in the United States where these…

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