Corrupt Politics? Dysfunctional Family? No Difference. This is Why.

Evelyn Ryan, Yourlifelifter

Pathological narcissism is now a worldwide pandemic.


thBecause narcissists’ food supply of emotionally unhealthy people who are vulnerable to their manipulation tactics is abundant. And the population of predators always thrives when the food supply is good.

Case in point.

Now the FBI is warning people who are exposing crime in politics they are on a target list for extreme domestic terrorist groups. Why would this along with a 57% increase of hate crimes be taking place at this current time in history? The root cause is simple and one we have seen over and over and over again in the history of tyrannical demagogues and in our own families and in our own lives. Yes, history does repeat itself. This is why?

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Narcissists Manipulate to Unbalance Power

Most of us have been conditioned to believe personal power is associated with title, stature, privilege, personal strength, size, sex, beauty, brains, status quo, prestige, instant gratification, the level of attention we get, and with those we fear either on a conscious or unconscious level. Nothing could be farther from reality. While all these things may look good on the outside and be appealing and even scary, anything that appears too good to be true usually is. Beware of glitter folks. This is all B.S. we have been brainwashed to believe in our youth and that is reinforced in all aspects of our adult lives that have a profound affect on our core beliefs impacting our survival.

“We can perceive those with authentic power (who have no need to demonstrate it or glitter it up) who can actually help us as threats because they challenge our pain-based ego-driven beliefs that while faulty we are comfortable with and settled for. We unknowingly become vulnerable to emotional vampires and do not live to our true potential.”

We then live and create in life what we believe to be true or valuable based on lies and false fears. As a result, we routinely give up our power or witness others giving up their power to human parasites who are good actors who use charm to bait us and then aggression, manipulation, money or privilege overtly or covertly to trigger our fears and powerlessness. We then believe falsely that anything that relieves our pain or triggers our envy is value-adding. And more significantly, we can perceive those with authentic power (who have no need to demonstrate it or glitter it up) who can actually help us as threats because they challenge our pain-based ego-driven beliefs that while faulty we are comfortable with and settled for. We unknowingly become vulnerable to emotional vampires and do not live to our true potential.

Narcissists Exposed: How Narcissists Create Illusions to Fool Us

Why Narcissists Lie and Why We Should Care More Than We Do

This is what an evil uncontrolled unleashed pathological narcissist and criminal can instill by playing on the emotional weaknesses and fears of others. These are the exact same power unbalancing dynamics that take place in any extremely dysfunctional family where pathological narcissism, exploitation of the vulnerable, manipulation, codependency, abuse, neglect, power imbalance, emotional unhealthiest including scapegoating, prejudice, self-righteousness, boundary violation, and entitlement are normalized. This is also where the roots of our emotional unhealthiness are founded.

The result?

The exploited and the exploiters never learn the emotional management skills and to work to develop the character traits including self-worth and self-reliance that they and all humans need to sustain their own happiness and health and to support healthy mutually respectful and loving relationships. Instead, the exploited traumatized children become pain-addicted adults who are vulnerable to pathologically narcissistic exploiters and abusers who have infiltrated the helping professions and groups such as politics, religious institutions, fund-raising organizations, and education who exploit all the value others work for.

The result?

You stay stuck in a state of emotional unhealthiness, are vulnerable to those who trigger your repressed fears, and work your back end off without reaping the benefits of the value you create, and suffer while those who have manipulated you to give up your power and value to them benefit. They convince you that you or others they scapegoat are the source of your pain, that you are weak and of less value, and only they can alleviate the pain and are worthy of the power. These are manipulation tactics all pathological narcissists, abusers, thieves, con artists, and thieves use to steal your power from you.

Read more here on how we can heal the world by healing ourselves.

They make you feel ashamed of taking care of your basic needs that all humans have. They convince you that anyone in need, the sick, the exploited, including you, yourself in your elder years are moochers and freeloaders who are “stealing” what we all as humans earn and have inalienable rights to. These are our legally protected rights as humans we all have to act on our free will to achieve our goals including those for our and our children’s health and happiness and overall well-being.

It is nothing other than a parasite to host, predator to prey, narcissist to victim relationship being facilitated by a herd of flying monkeys.

Sound familiar? It should. The same story of the evil and weak trying to manipulate power and benefits from the good and righteous has been repeated since the beginning of time.

Remember, folks. The devil comes cloaked as everything you ever wanted.

Beware of glittered turds. They target the best of the best.

Take your power back!!!! Remember, they have no power without you!

Read more here on how we can heal the world by healing ourselves.

What Can We Do as a Person, a People, a Nation

Well, there is lots we can do and lots we shouldn’t do. At the top of the “do not” list is to hunker down in shame or fear. At the top of the “do” list is to take actions and resist so we can take our power back and maximize the positive impact of the truly good and emotionally healthy people with integrity of character, intellect, and compassion and to stop promoting the evil component of society. So now more than ever it is critical to be intelligent in our choices and to not not let our fears and lack of information and state of our emotional health drive them. We must be vigilant and informed in all our choices and especially in whom we choose to love, associate with, trust, and choose as our lawmakers, senators, the head of state! We can work on improving our own emotional health. As we heal, our children will heal through us. The onus is on the United States government and on us as citizens to ensure we can confidently answer this question as it applies to all personnel running for key elected decision-making roles in government and especially those at the highest levels of government:

“Are these candidates competent and emotionally fit for duty and running an honest campaign from the heart, with authentic loyalty, integrity and duty to the greater good or are they knowingly and intentionally lying and making false promises to their constituents and exploiting their fears to win in order to abuse the authority of the position to benefit themselves?”

How do we achieve this? First, we must heal  and educate ourselves on narcissismAs we heal, our children will heal through us. They will develop the empathy, self-worth, self-reliance, and emotional intelligence required to succeed in life, work, and relationships and maximize their power to themselves and to the world. I provide tons of healing information, tools and resources in this Blog, the Yourlifelifter website and Facebook page, and in my book Take Your Power Back: Healing Lessons, Tips and Tools for Abuse Survivors.

Read more here on how we can heal the world by healing ourselves.

Second, we must learn what authentic power really is and how it applies to all humans regardless of their sex, privilege, or appearance, the tactics emotional manipulators use to con our power from us to benefit them, and what makes us vulnerable to them.

Read more here on what personal power is and what it is not.

Third, we can stand up to and also stop voting diagnosed pathological narcissists into key political offices. We can be mindful and wise in our choices of those with the integrity of character and other qualities, skills, knowledge and abilities they have worked for and earned that support them being an effective world leader who are competent to make informed decisions based on what is best for others, the country, the world and not just themselves, profoundly weak people who cannot generate their own power and steal that of others.

Why Do Cheaters Cheat?

Educating ourselves about narcissism will allow us easier to recognize them and assess the state of our own emotional health that makes us vulnerable to their manipulation. In this way, we can expose and defuse them. The U. S. government can also start screening the mental and emotional health, along with the financial and character integrity of anyone who is hired into a critical political position no different than what all high risk industries are, by law or ethics, required to do.

This is how we collectively heal and take our power back as people and as a nation and get us back on track to allow us equally and unhindered to act freely on our divine rights we collectively work for, deserve, and pay for to pursue life, liberty, and happiness

Read more here on the tactics of toxic people and what to watch out for.

3 thoughts on “Corrupt Politics? Dysfunctional Family? No Difference. This is Why.

  1. Raine Scott says:

    I just have to comment. When our current president (Gosh, I hate to use that word and him in the same sentence) I remember freaking out and I couldn’t put my finger on why. The more I listened and watched him, the more I realized that he is very much like my stepdad. I’ve had plenty of people tell me that I’m crazy for even making a correlation between the two. Many have said, that I don’t know this president personally. I try to tell them every time that I may not “know” him, but I KNOW his type. I’ve had this saying that basically states that, even the characters names might be different the play or outcome is STILL THE SAME when it come’s to narcissism and narcissists. I think his actions, words, and behaviors were triggering me in very similar ways as to what my stepdad has done. There’s a specific M.O. (motive operandi) for these characters. They all seem to do the EXACT same things. And yes, there is a difference between overt and covert Narcs. But their dirty little tricks all unravel the same way. M. Scott Peck, writer of People of the Lie, talked about the connection between families and ultimately, governments and people in general. People often wonder and ask how such abuse and atrocities can happen and continue to happen, Peck states that it has a genesis, and that most often you will find this sort of abusive behavior in families and then it spreads to wider and bigger human connections. The most frustrating aspect of all of this is the fact that many of us “SEE” this happening, and too many more are willing to look the other way, essentially becoming a flying monkey or allowing such abuse to begin and continue. I’m not sure how to stop it. I think the number of people who really see the crap has to be greater than the abusers and their flying monkeys. At this present time, a lot of this due to the abundance of social media… Narc’s are flourishing. Many people wanting to hide from the light of these abusers will just hide and do nothing or fall in line and become a sheeple.


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