What is Personal Power and What It’s Not?

Evelyn M. Ryan, Yourlifelifter


We can learn more about power from discussing what we typically think it is but in reality, it is not.

Aggression is not power.

Triggering pain and fear is not power.

Exploitation is not power.

Money is not power.

Being born into privilege does not make us power.

Entitlement is not power.

If these are not power, why do we think they are?

Because we believe lies that personal power is associated with privilege, personal strength, size, sex, prestige, the level of attention we get, and with those we fear either on a conscious or unconscious level. These are lies we are brainwashed to believe in our youth and that are reinforced in all aspects of our adult lives that have a profound affect on our beliefs on our personal worth, value, lovability, and pain-based emotions and our powerlessness and defenselessness. Our bodies then create in life what we believe to be true even if we believe those lies. As a result, we routinely give up our power or witness others giving up their power to good actors who use aggression, manipulation, money or privilege overtly or covertly to trigger our fears and powerlessness.

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So, is acting powerful? Are lies powerful? Is manipulation powerful?

They may trigger your fears, but they are only effective if you believe you are powerless and defenseless to them and they carry more worth. That, folks, is not power. It is abusive exploitation of the vulnerable, the wounded.

personalpowerAnything truly powerful does not have to act, lie, or manipulate. It has no need to.

Anything truly powerful is worked for and earned and creates sustainable value to satisfy the basic human needs of those capable and those less capable of acting on their rights to life, liberty, and happiness. The abilities to create value itself have to be worked for. This is what integrity of character is all about. It takes inordinate effort to turn our experience into the level of skills, knowledge, abilities, and wisdom to become humans of excellence.

True power is value-adding, character building and sustaining to your and other’s emotional and physical health. Authentic power is to stand tough in your truth, your righteousness and personal integrity (in spite of their popularity) that are founded collectively in knowledge, morals, ethics, compassion, tolerance, and love. These are the core life sustaining, value adding components of human excellence that enhance our lives and those of others.

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True power is not giving up your power to manipulators but rather protecting the integrity and honor of your personal worth and being.

True power is demonstrated in living from a core of self-love, self-respect, self-reliance, authenticity, self-worth and integrity of character.

True power is the ability to influence people to become better people, support them in acting on their free will, and to live in peace and harmony. True power is to love authentically while mirroring and reciprocating the value of that love.

True power is helping others find their truth and having compassion for them while they search for theirs and not exploiting them or scapegoating them in their time of need or projecting your weaknesses on them because your ego needs you to believe you are entitled to. That is not power. That is acting on your emotional immaturity and self-righteousness and lack of moral compass that are some of the bases for evil.

downloadEvil is what the Bible and all scriptures attempt to reconcile and describe as those who turn “light into darkness and darkness into light.” These are the personality disordered, the hate filled hypocrites, extremists, frauds, grifters, pedophiles, rapists, sexists, misogynists, con artists, white supremacists, bigots, xenophobes, thugs, punks, liars, narcissists, psychopaths, criminals, and incompetents. These are the ones who call you and pose as IRS agents or Presidents and try to play on your fears to rip you off and con you. And no one from any political party regardless of their privilege is exempt from being any of these.

The evil aggressively, overtly or covertly, manipulate value, power from others to benefit at other’s expense.

Read more here on how emotional believers con you to steal your power.

These are the narcissists posing as healers on Facebook pages, the pedophiles who infiltrated the priesthood, and the pathological narcissists who con their way with charisma, lies, and playing to your fears to rise to power in key decision-making political positions. They are human parasites, the snakes in suits and wolves in sheep’s clothing, the glittered turds.

A snake in a suit is a snake. A wolf in sheep’s clothing is a wolf. And a glittered turd is a turd. Shall we have compassion for a vampire, a leach, a disease carrying tick? Shall we have compassion for human parasites and emotional vampires who exploit others for malintent and personal gain because they believe they are entitled to?

Evil is evil. If it looks like, if it smells like, it is. Are people all the same level of evil? No. Of course not. But evilness is like pregnancy. You are or you aren’t. And no one is immune.

th-2Beware of glitter, folks. You cannot polish a turd but you can roll it in glitter and make it look like gold but it will always remain a turd and the smell lingers. And the only way to get rid of the smell is to flush it.

Truth on the other hand is like gold. It has to be worked for. It has to be mined and can be polished. And it may tarnish but it will never lose its true value or beauty.

Nothing is more powerful than living authentically in your truth and becoming the best version of yourself you were put on this earth to be and mirroring your power back to others.

That power is infinite. It is indestructable.

And like gold, it may need to be mined and it may tarnish but it can be polished and never loses its brilliance or value.




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