Do Narcissists Target Other Narcissists?

Evelyn Ryan, Yourlifelifter

13095759_1159964300702950_962990553404036615_nNarcissists do not limit their targets to just nice people or empaths. In fact, they target anyone who is willing to provide them narcissistic supply regardless of the source.

Remember that narcissism is on a continuum so the levels of severity in their depravity vary. Nevertheless, regardless of who is the worst or better narcissist or more overt or covert, they will target anyone who provides them narcissistic supply even if it is all feigned. Yes, even if it is all a lie. As a matter of fact, narcissists who lack emotional empathy are easily duped. They make perfect targets for other narcissists especially those who are con artists, thieves, grifters, manipulators and especially those who are in authority positions above them.

While the dynamics may change, the rules of behavior don’t change when a narcissist targets another narcissist. The narcissistic attackers are very in tune with people’s weaknesses (but not their own) and use this ability to manipulate their targets (related or not) so it is easy for the predatory narcissist to pretend adulation of his or her prey. And it is ever more effective if the predatory narc possesses perceived power and authority who the target narc then can look up to with esteemed envy. If this is the case, the narc in authority can parasitically feast and feign attention and adulation of the target for a very long time before the narc catches on. Again, beware of the wrath of the narc once he or she discovers they have been duped or conned. A scorned narc whose toxic fear of shame has been triggered is not a pretty sight.

imgres-3What about in personal relationships? Of course, a narcissist can target another narcissist. Again, a narc is not selective on whom he or she obtains his narcissistic supply from so if a potential mate will serve as a good trophy spouse and is a narc and provides narcissistic supply, so be it. My pathologically narcissistic aunt and uncle have been married for 65 years! Two cerebral narcs are probably better suited than a somatic and cerebral narc but you never know.

Narcissists are also not immune to codependency. So there are some codependent narcissists who prefer personal validation from other narcissists. They are referred to as “inverted narcissists.” Unfortunately, it is the children and society who would suffer the most with a double dose of emotional cannibalism from both parents.

10264826_1123311044368276_9001871030601631845_nIn families, no child, regardless of personality, is immune from the exploitation of a narcissistic parent. Children, who are vulnerable and defenseless, actually are the easiest of targets. So just like narcissistic parents exploit and scapegoat their empathic children, they also exploit the ones most like them and make them their “golden children.” They then go on to train them as proxies, their partners in emotional vampirism and teach them their covert aggressive manipulation tactics. You can see herds of narcissists in families who emotionally continue to give each other “lie enemas” to keep the bull crap flowing or what I refer to as “narcissistic sodomization.” This is how narcissistic abuse is perpetuated in families, folks. You can read more here.

The good news?

We can heal. They cannot. And we can go on to build our own relationships and families and start creating your own customs, joy, and memories with those who deserve our love and respect. And when you find your family and authentic friends, those whose truth aligns with yours, THAT is real LOVE and when the magic starts.

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