Truth and Personal Power are Not An Illusion

Evelyn Ryan, Yourlifelifter

imgresTruth and personal power are real and they are attainable. But to attain them, takes hard work, work that we turn into wisdom that we use to drive our decisions and beliefs and chisel our characters that we source for power and resilience to set and achieve goals that we are confident we can attain and are worthy of attaining.
However, coming into truth and being able to source personal power are not easy. If they were, everyone would have them or sell them. They can’t so what they do instead is pretend to have them to manipulate and steal other people’s power from them. The dark sides of our psyches and the dark sides of humanity want ALL the benefits of humanity without working for them. They believe they are entitled to them by creating illusions of imbalanced power that they use to exploit people.
To get you to believe lies and that illusions are true is easy. Magicians do it all the time. To steal your power from you, I just have to convince you that you are powerless to your pain and only I have the power to alleviate it. I can con you to think I am powerful by acting aggressively that triggers your fears, for example. Why? Because most of us have been conditioned to let our fear based emotions overpower us and to rely on others for our strength rather than sourcing it from within our own selves. We have been taught to believe lies to serve others who trigger our pains and who we falsely believe have the power to alleviate it.
All of this is a big fat lie!
magic-llusion-truthBut to influence you and motivate you to NOT believe lies or illusions or to not be manipulated by con artists, takes very hard work. It takes “skin in the game of life.” It takes authenticity and real personal power. Let’s look at intelligence and good looks and being born into privilege, three things we are born with and do not have to work for as it applies to this lesson.
What value do good looks, intelligence and being born into privilege, on their face value, bring to you or to the world?  None, absolutely none, zip, nada. Now let’s look at how we can use and leverage these 3 free things, looks, brains and privilege, we do not work for, to build and bring real value to ourselves and to the world.
Here are some 7 obvious examples:
  1. Go to college and, maybe, graduate school and gather 4 or more years of knowledge and take out a loan that you pay back (even if your parents can afford to pay your tuition and room and board in full)
  2. Get a job while you are on campus to contribute to your own livelihood.
  3. Start at an entry level position in a company to learn the fundamentals that you can leverage and grow from through your career and work your way up the ladder to gain the qualifications and certifications required to demonstrate competence.
  4. Become a model and then brand your name and build a business that you are the CEO of.
  5. Start a fund raising organization or volunteer your time including your skills, knowledge and abilities to raise funds to the organization.
  6. Set a good example on the value of work ethic, education, knowledge, and hard work for your children, others in your life, and for society.
  7. Emphasize to your children that looks, brains and privilege they received for free and bring them with you to support your fund raising interests, give them chores, and/or encourage them to find their own “cause” that they routinely work for to support.
Now, what do Numbers 1 through 7 above, that build and bring real value to the world, have in common?
THEY ALL REQUIRE HARD WORK. They all require “skin in the game” of life.
What about those who want all the benefits of the hard work it takes to accomplish Numbers 1 through 7 above, those who think in their disordered minds they are entitled to all the benefits without working for them? You know who I am talking about. The ones who sell you swamp land in Florida? The ones who con you like any common thug or punk or fraud? The ones who call your house and pretend to be IRS tax collectors? The ones who start smear campaigns on Facebook and Twitter when their egos can’t handle the truth or when their fraudulent practices such as false universities are being exposed?
th-2And conning you is much easier than you think! It is very easy for anyone to provide and sell an illusion of grandeur by sprinkling glitter on turds to get you to think they are gold. And when they do, then it is even easier for them to camouflage their truly evil intent and continue to lie to and play you and tell you to ignore whenever they do something that does not align with that image of value and power (e.g. Like the Wizard of Oz’s “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”). And then you will continue to believe the lies and ignore the truth to believe what you are comfortable and familiar with believing even if they are all lies and the smell lingers?
So how do we protect ourselves, take our power back, and overcome the “illusion?”  Well, by accessing and addressing our own fears and repressed emotional pain, the blinders to truth and learn to rely on our own authentic personal power. To heal and to really mature as human beings and to become enlightened and to become authentic, we must address our inauthenticity that make us vulnerable to illusions created by emotional vampires who cannot generate their own power. We must, as Carl Jung reminded us, turn our darkness to light. And to turn the darkness to light we must access our darkness that we are familiar with but that does not serve or sustain us and continues to do our children, our relationships and the society or world in which we live in continued harm.
Is this easy? Hell, no. But I assure you we all are worthy of the self-sacrifice. Let’s break this down.
worthy-truthThere is a huge difference between coming from a core of truth and self reliance and coming from a core of lies where you need assurance you and what you believe are worthy and the purpose of other people including your own President, friends, partner, spouse, neighbors, and children is to provide relief from your own pain and fears you cannot regulate on your own. To do the latter, is living a lie and is serving the dark, the evil side of your psyche and of life. It means you are not living as you were designed. You are living to prevent pain rather than to achieve what you know you deserve and are worthy of. This also means the bases of all your relationships, thoughts, and actions rely on lies and you are always coming from a core of neediness rather than self-reliance. You are vulnerable then to mistake aggressiveness for real power and let it trigger your repressed pains and fears of powerlessness that you continue to hide from than address. Most significantly, this means you are vulnerable to exploiting and being exploited by others and you are likely to become hypocritical and one of those we all know that provide an illusion of grandeur and goodness to the world or to your church, employer, or community but live a totally different life behind the closed doors of your home, the ones who try to fool people by camouflaging their true intent with “goodness glitter.”
So how do we come into truth and become authentic? By challenging our beliefs and by self-sacrificing for our own well being. It does not mean that we, carte blanche, serve what is popular or comfortable or familiar, but that we serve what is righteous. This means we work every day to achieve a level of emotional fitness and integrity of character that supports and sustains us so we do not have to expend our life energy to provide an illusion of glittered goodness to prove to the world we are what we are not to prove our worth. This means we direct that truth-driven energy images-1towards us and convert it to effort and self-sacrifice to heal and become better and authentic human beings. This means we challenge and fight for and defend those who do not have the strength to defend themselves against those who exploit them for their own personal gain. This includes our children, the defenseless ones we bring on this earth and whom we have the responsibility to validate and love unconditionally and show the path and teach the means to find their own light. This means we work for and earn the respect, integrity of character, and benefits that other truly righteous people work for and earn. And we teach our children the same.
This is how we turn darkness to light and this is how we break the cycle of intergenerational abuse and the pandemic of pathological narcissism across the world. We start now to work to take our power back and become value-adding authentic people with integrity of character and stop being exploited by and stop exploiting others with illusions to the world that we are.

3 thoughts on “Truth and Personal Power are Not An Illusion

  1. Cynthia says:

    Hi Evelyn,

    Thanks again for sharing your wisdom. For myself, Taking My Own Power Back has involved much pain and work, breathing through the difficult emotions, knowing the darkness will be temporary. It’s like running wind sprints in training, they hurt like hell but you get stronger after rest. And then next time, it’s not so bad. Knowing that there are others on this journey makes you feel less alone with it. Coming back again and again to your blog posts, helps to reinforce the work. I keep reminding myself that I have the strength to do this work. After all, I had the strength to get out of the dysfunction, and now I am in a safer place to heal those wounds. Like training for a race, it’s an everyday practice. I plan to reread your book over the holiday, with a big cup of coffee and a larger piece of pumpkin pie. After a run in the marsh. Thank you for your support. I hope you have a lovely holiday filled with joy and cheer. Peace be with you— Cynthia.

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