Terrorism, Politics, and the Pandemic of World-Wide Narcissism


Evelyn Ryan, Yourlifelifter

“We are a world in crisis because we have not improved our wounded faulty thinking. Because we as a collective have not healed and have not effectively battled the ‘evil’ component of humanity and society who we continue to birth, promote, be exploited by, vote for in key decision-making positions, and allow to promulgate.”

th-2This article attempts to answer simply the following complex questions:

  • Why are narcissism and terrorism so prevalent in society:
  • Why hasn’t anything been done about them; and
  • What can we do about them?
Let’s look closer at the answers.


Why is Pathological Narcissism on the Rise?

Experts and researchers speculate the use of technology and social media as contributing factors to the significantly decreasing rates of empathy and increased narcissism among younger generations over the past 40 years.  I agree, however, they do not identify the root causes that need to be addressed to…

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