Profound Lessons on Humanity and Healing after the United States Presidential Election


Evelyn Ryan, Yourlifelifter

I am going to start this article with the following excerpts from the description of the mission and vision at the Yourlifelifter Facebook Page. You will see in a moment why.

“Yourlifelifter is a specialized healing and information center for narcissistic abuse survivors and others seeking emotional freedom.”

“Yourlifelifter was founded by Evelyn Ryan, a Certified Professional Life Coach, ACE-Certified Health Coach, abuse recovery expert, author, businesswoman, mother, researcher, master problem solver, and a survivor who has a passion for truth.”

“Evelyn uses her skills and knowledge gained from over 20 years of study on abuse, emotional health, and personality and pain disorders and 35 years of experience as an authority in solving problems in high risk industries to get to the SPECIFIC root causes of pain-addiction, faulty thinking, low self-worth, toxic shame and other repressed pain that abuse victims suffer throughout their childhood and their…

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